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"Gavotte" from Manon (Massenet) - Chelsea Feltman
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"Zerfließe, mein Herze" from St. John Passion (J.S. Bach) - Chelsea Feltman
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"Epheu" from Mädchenblumen (R. Strauss) - Chelsea Feltman
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Nana Shi, piano

Michael T. C. Hey, organ

Nana Shi, piano

And They Spoke Back Her Name

J.L. Marlor

New Music Gathering 2017


(Andrew Hsu)

piaNO - Vertical Player Repertory

Olshanetsky: Ikh hob dikh tsi fil lib

Short Musical Theatre Reel

 "Basic Bitch, City Witch!"

Music by Robert Fleitz

Text by Erin Dahl

Sparks and Wiry Cries SongSlam 2017

Grieg: Ein Traum

Come All Ye Fair and Tender Ladies/Bury Me Beneath the WIllow Tree (trad. arr. C. Feltman)

Thrice Happy Lovers

Thrice Happy Lovers

Watch Now

"Thrice Happy Lovers"

from The Fairy Queen (Purcell)

Gramercy Opera

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