Chelsea's classroom is accessible for the new learner and also challenging for the more advanced student. She imparts her technical expertise without becoming academic - she is a true creative! Her contribution to stART in 2016 resulted in serious growth from many of our students, musicians versed and aspiring, and with such positive results we hope Chelsea can collaborate with us again in the future!

- Marcus Crawford Guy

Creative Adviser and Teaching Artist Coordinator


Chelsea is an experienced and passionate teaching artist, both in private lesson and classroom settings.


Her private vocal studio includes people of all ages and experience levels. Chelsea brings a breadth of experience in diverse genres, acting, lyric diction, and body work to the table, and believes that there's no such thing as someone who can't sing.


As a teaching artist, Chelsea traveled to Arusha, Tanzania from 2010-2014 to lead youth empowerment workshops with Art Powers Arusha, where she also served as a co-director from 2012-2014. Chelsea was awarded a Vocal Mentorship position with the Metropolitan Opera Guild, for which she completed pedagogical studies and was a guest teacher in the NYC public school system. In the summer of 2016, she served as a teaching artist with StART Osceola, instructing both vocal majors in chorus and non-singers in “Making Noise.”Chelsea is a member of In The Pocket NYC, a collective of teaching artists who bring their students together for shared recitals and concerts that benefit arts-related charities. In 2015 and 2016, she taught voice at the Härn​ösand Summer Opera Academy in Sweden. Chelsea has given master classes on diction and performance at Brooklyn College, and been a guest panelist for the college division of the Honors Performance Series. Since 2017, she has served as a vocal teaching artist for star violinist Midori's educational organization, Midori & Friends, leading elementary after-school choruses and general music classes. 

It was an enriching experience working as a student with Chelsea Feltman during the stART program’s 2016 summer. Chelsea’s professionalism in the workspace was a fitting example for me and many of the younger students of how a true artist works. She pushed us to join her on that level and encouraged us to work to our fullest capacities. Though time was limited, Chelsea proved to be an efficient yet attentive instructor. She was understanding throughout the entire process of all the various levels of musicianship in the room and worked with it to shape a beautiful ensemble where no one felt left out. She created a space where creativity and fun collided with professionalism and passion. The experience Chelsea provided in such a brief time was one I won’t forget as a growing musician and artist.